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Amazon Quiz Answers Today: Here is all right Amazon quiz answers 22 September 2022. Play Amazon FZ contest and win exciting prizes, pay balance.

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Amazon, the country’s biggest e-commerce company, organizes the Amazon Funzone Contest on its app, where you can answer five questions accurately and win an attractive gift as well as pay balance.

However, the thing to note here is that these quizzes are conducted only on the application. You can play this Quiz Time from 8 am to 12 noon.

Amazon Daily Funzone Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Details

Name Of QuizAmazon Spin and Win Quiz
Today’s Amazon Quiz Time8AM – 12PM
Quiz Date22 September 2022
Contest prizeWin Pay Balance
Winners Announcement OnTomorrow

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  4. Then tap on the “Start” button, the Fun zone Quiz Contest will begin.

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Q1: Aaron Finch recently retired from ODI cricket. Against which team did he play his last ODI?

Answer 1 (A) – New Zealand

Q2: The YouTube show ‘Bialik Breakdown’ focussing on mental health, features the actor who played which character on ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Answer 2 (B) – Amy

Q3: Which country will assume presidency of the G20 from December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023?

Answer 3 (C) – India

Q4: This is the flag of which country?

Answer 4 (C) – Belgium

Q5: The seal of which US state features this animal?

Answer 5 (C) – Michigan

Update soon.

Q1: Who recently became the first Indian woman to win 2 medals at the World Wrestling Championships?

Answer 1 (A) – Vinesh Phogat

Q2: Who played the role of scientist Mohan Bhargav in the movie ‘Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva’?

Answer 2 (C) – Shahrukh Khan

Q3: The strategically important Kibithu military camp was named after whom recently?

Answer 3 (B) – General Bipin Rawat

Q4: Which of these actors has NOT played the role of this superhero in movies?

Answer 4 (D) – Matt Damon

Q5: Which is the largest natural satellite of this planet?

Answer 5 (C) – Titania

Amazon Quiz 30 August 2022

Q1: Manchester United has signed Brazilian defensive midfielder Casemiro from which club?

Answer 1 (D) – Real Madrid

Q2: Which former world heavyweight boxing champion is starring in the movie ‘Liger’?

Answer 2 (C) – Mike Tyson

Q3: India’s first 3D printed Cornea has been recently developed by a research team based in which city?

Answer 3 (B) – Hyderabad

Q4: Name this type of pasta

Answer 4 (A) – Tortellini

Q5: Contrary to popular belief, Tom Hanks has not voiced this character throughout the Toy Story series. Who stepped in for him at times?

Answer 5 (D) – Jim Hanks

Amazon Quiz 29 August 2022

Q1: Regis Chakabva captained which team, in a recent series ODI series against India?

Answer 1 (C) – Zimbabwe

Q2: Top Gun: Maverick surpassed which film to become Tom Cruise’s highest grossing film of all time?

Answer 2 (D) – Mission Impossible- Fallout

Q3: Asia’s largest Compressed Biogas (CBG) has begun its commercial operations in Sangrur in which state?

Answer 3 (B) – Punjab

Q4: Name this former President’s wife, who has also run for the US Presidential post

Answer 4 (C) – Hillary Clinton

Q5: This company has often referred to themselves as the three _ company. Fill in the blanks

Answer 5 (D) – Stripe

Amazon Quiz 28 August 2022

Q1: Oleksandr Usyk who recently retained his WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO world heavyweight titles by beating Anthony Joshua is from which country?

Answer 1 (A) – Ukraine

Q2: The upcoming series ‘Duranga’ is an adaptation of the series ‘Flower of Evil’ from which country?

Answer 2 (B) – South Korea

Q3: Tamil Nadu has got its 5th _ reserve at Agasthyamalai in Tirunelveli district. Fill in the blanks

Answer 3 (D) – Elephant

Q4: Who was the first professional female player in this sport?

Answer 4 (D) – Pattie McGee

Q5: What is the parent company of this famous brand?

Answer 5 (A) – Volkswagen

Amazon Quiz 27 August 2022

Q1: Who was named India’s captain for their ODI series in Zimbabwe?

Answer 1 (C) – KL Rahul

Q2: Ant-Man and the Wasp: __ ‘ is the first movie of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fill in the blanks

Answer 2 (A) – Quantummania

Q3: Cyber One’ is a humanoid robot that can sense human emotions. It is made by which company?

Answer 3 (B) – Xiaomi

Q4: What is the official language of this country?

Answer 4 (D) – German

Q5: What is the fear of this animal also known as?

Answer 5 (C) – Ophidiophobia

Amazon quiz 24 August 2022

Q1: PV Sindhu beat Michelle Li from which country to win gold at the Commonwealth Games?

Answer 1 (A) – Canada

Q2: The Health Ministry of India has given approval to which vaccine from Biological E as a booster dose for adults?

Answer 2 (D) – Corbevax

Q3: Nitish Kumar recently took oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the _ time. Fill in the blanks

Answer 3 (C) – 8th

Q4: Who was the father of this queen?

Answer 4 (B) – George VI

Q5: What is the largest denomination of this currency to be ever circulated?

Answer 5 (C) – $10,000

Amazon Quiz 23 August 2022

Q1: The recently concluded India vs West Indies T20I series, had its last 2 matches held in which country?

Answer 1 (C) – USA

Q2: The recent movie ‘Bullet Train’ stars which of these actors in the lead role?

Answer 2 (A) – Brad Pitt

Q3: On the occasion of World Biofuel Day, the Indian Prime Minister inaugurated a 2nd generation ethanol plant in which state?

Answer 3 (B) – Haryana

Q4: Which type of mirror is used in these surgeries?

Answer 4 (C) – Concave

Q5: Which place serves as the capital of this political union?

Answer 5 (B) – Brussels

Amazon Quiz 22 August 2022

Q1: Who among these claimed 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Answer 1 (A) – Achanta Sharath Kamal

Q2: Advait Chandan is in the news for recently directing a Hindi remake of which famous Hollywood movie?

Answer 2 (B) – Forrest Gump

Q3: This year’s third and final supermoon was visible between August 11 and 12, it was also called what?

Answer 3 (D) – Sturgeon Moon

Q4: What is this shape of Christmas ornament called?

Answer 4 (A) – Baubles

Q5: This monument, called Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, in Spain is a what?

Answer 5 (D) – Opera House

Amazon Quiz 21 August 2022

Q1: Avinash Sable set a new national record as he won silver in which event at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Answer 1 (C) – 3000 m steeplechase

Q2: Secret __ is a newly announced web series that will star Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Fill in the blanks

Answer 2 (B) – Invasion

Q3: Founded by the organization ‘Big Cat Rescue’, 10th August is celebrated as what day?

Answer 3 (D) – World Lion Day

Q4: This is the flag of which country?

Answer 4 (C) – Jamaica

Q5: Where is this majestic cathedral located?

Answer 5 (B) – Milan

Amazon Quiz 20 Suchat 2022

Q1: In which of these events did India record a historic 1-2 finish at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Answer 1 (B) – Triple Jump

Q2: In the recently released ‘Darlings’, which of these actresses plays the role of Shamshu Ansari?

Answer 2 (A) – Shefali Shah

Q3: Sridhar S, the Managing Director of which pharmaceutical firm resigned recently?

Answer 3 (D) – Pfizer

Q4: This is a partial image of which famous mosque located in Cairo, Egypt?

Answer 4 (C) – Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Q5: Name the form of pasta shown in this picture

Answer 5 (B) – Spaghetti

Amazon Quiz 19 August 2022

Q1: Who among these famous Indian sportspeople was ruled out of the Commonwealth Games due to injury?

Answer 1 (B) – Neeraj Chopra

Q2: Tenoch Huerta would be seen playing which Marvel character in the movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’?

Answer 2 (B) – Namor

Q3: The _ yatra was recently halted briefly, following the closure of the Jammu-Srinagar national highway at Ramban. Fill in the blanks

Answer 3 (B) – Amarnath

Q4: Name this temple that derives its name from the personification of the radiations of the rising sun.

Answer 4 (D) – Wat Arun

Q5: In which continent are the majority of these animals located?

Answer 5 (B) – Africa

Amazon Quiz 18 August 2022

Q1: Who among these Sri Lankan bowlers has taken 21 wickets in his first 2 Test matches?

Answer 1 (C) – Prabath Jayasuriya

Q2: In the movie ‘DC League of Super- Pets’ , who gives the voice for Krypto- Superman’s dog?

Answer 2 (C) – Dwayne Johnson

Q3: The closure of which company’s copper smelter plant at Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu has resulted in an INR 14,749 crore loss to the economy?

Answer 3 (A) – Vedanta

Q4: The boy in the center of this picture is affected by which genetic disorder?

Answer 4 (C) – Down’s Syndrome

Q5: What are the 3 protruding elements on this equipment held by the woman called?

Answer 5 (D) – Fins

Amazon Quiz 17 August 2022

Q1: Argentine star Paulo Dybala was recently unveiled as a new player at which famous football club?

Answer 1 (B) – AS Roma

Q2: Uunchai starring Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani is the 60th film of which iconic production house?

Answer 2 (D) – Rajshri Productions

Q3: Which of these companies has recently announced its support to the Indian Army for conducing trials with drones?

Answer 3 (D) – Garuda Aerospace

Q4: This is a picture of which planet as seen from Voyager II in 1989?

Answer 4 (A) – Neptune

Q5: Which of these parts of the body, normally considered vital, do these animals have?

Answer 5 (D) – None of these

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