Free Fire Light Fest Event Redeem Codes (Live): Win 10000 Diamonds, Elite Pass, rewards

Free Fire Light Fest Event Redeem Codes – The makers of Free Fire Max have added a special Live stream for specific days in order to make the Diwali holiday considerably more interesting and thrilling.

Diwali celebrations and big-bash parties are returning. Players may already take advantage of giveaways, redeemable vouchers, and other opportunities throughout the live stream to gain great rewards.

According to the news, the stream began airing on October 21 at 8:38 PM and would remain up until October 23 at 11:59 PM.

The first day of the stream is already finished, thus in accordance with the protocol, gamers must grab any redemption codes that are released during live viewing and use them on the official remediation website. Stay with us for more updates.

Free Fire Light Fest Event Redeem Codes

Free Fire Light Fest Event Redeem Codes (Live) – Win 10000 Diamonds

Every hour, the developers provide players with free gifts and unique drops. The hourly rewards include Weapon Loot Crates, 20x Weapon Royale Vouchers, and 29x Incubator Vouchers, among many others.

It is important to note that the stream’s description explicitly states that participants can win an Elite Pass, 10,000 Diamonds, and a Divinity Blast Gloo Wall.

Check here the reward codes for the free fire max Light Fest Live:

  • 3rd Code – LIGHTTMQZ37D
  • 5th Hourly Code – LIGHTFY3CDW8
  • 8th Hourly Code: LIGHTU95VXHX
  • 11th Hourly code: LIGHTWWB8F2H
  • LIGH TGG9 K8X8
  • 14th hourly Code: LIGH T5YV NEVB
  • LIGH TY7B Z24F

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Free fire unlimited diamonds

Free Fire MAX Light Fest Event

The Light Fest series has proven to be a fantastic way for the gamers to try out new activities and receive interesting prizes.

The peak day, which will be celebrated on October 24 with lots of prizes up for grabs, was previously revealed.

The official Free Fire MAX India YouTube account will host the live feed, which is now in progress. It began on October 1 at 8:30 IST and continued for two days, ending on October 23 at 11:59 IST.