Google Pay Party Code Hunt: Collect Gpay 5 Code & Earn Rs 101 Cashback

Google Pay Party code Hunt offer is available for users. Many users search for Friends Party Codes and we are here to help you collect 5 codes to earn between Rs 10 and 101 in Reward.

gpay always provides service to its users to send money via UPI as well as give a chance to play games to complete the task & earn rewards from the company.

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after ending the Diwali mela rounds this time Google pay started the Gpay party code hunt game.

Each has a unique Google pay party code hunt that can be shared and collected in this campaign. You can share your party code multiple times, There are different types of party codes that you can collect and they will give you different rewards. Search for gold.

Google Pay Party Code Hunt

Google Pay Party Code Hunt Overview

Game Name Google Pay Party Code Hunt
Offer Date 15th Dec to 22nd dec 2022
TaskGPay Party Code Hunt
RewardsUpto ₹101 – Golden Party Code
Upto ₹51 – All color codes

GPay Party Code Hunt Offer How to Hunt Codes & Rewards

  • First of all just download / update Google Pay app from play store or app store
  • Now go to the offers section of G-Pay.
  • You will see this party code hunt offer
  • Start the offer and you will receive your link or your Google pay Party Hunt code. Must share with your friends.
  • Now go to Collect party code option. Ask your friends to share their code and their last 4 digit mobile number. Fill that details and click on collect code. You will be rewarded with 1 scratch card.
  • You can directly click on your friend’s link and the details will be autofilled.
  • Similarly, collect a total of 5 codes and you will get 5 scratch cards with 5 different rewards.
  • If you somehow collect the golden party hunt code, you will get a big reward.

What is Golden Code & how to collect them?

Each party’s code has a different color and each Google Pay user can have only one code. Your activity on Google Pay determines whether you have a Golden Code.

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If you haven’t opened Google Pay between October 1 and November 30, 2022, you’ll have a golden code.

Lastest Working Google Pay Party Hunt Code

These are some GPay party codes with last 4 digits of mobile number. Claim codes and unlock scratch cards up to Rs.101.

Working Code Last 4 Digit ( mo no)
kl6ay9w 1811

How to Get Your Google Pay Party Code?

  • Using the instructions above, open the Party code search banner.
  • Drop the What’s a Party Code heading by scrolling down.
  • click the “find Yours” blue link.
  • You can share your party code multiple times, but only one friend can get their hands on it first.
  • Although you can distribute your code to as many people as you wish, only one friend can use it.
  • The same friend from whom you obtained your party code cannot provide you with another party code.

Terms & Conditions for Gpay Party Code

If you signed up for Google Pay after November 30, 2022, you won’t have a party code to share. In this campaign, you can gather codes to obtain rewards. Ensure that the Google Pay app is updated before using it.