NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 1 October 2023

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 1 October 2023: NYT Mini Crossword is a popular puzzle game that will be published in the New York Times newspaper.

The NYT Mini Crossword Today Puzzle Game will also be available on New York Times news websites.

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NYT Mini Crossword is also accessible on mobile apps in Android, Apple IOS. The game was developed by Joel Fagliano.

Players who play this puzzle game can check the crossword answers from this website. New York Times Mini crossword Answers for 1st October, 2023 were given in this article.

Daily answers of NY times crossword mini for players will be published regularly here. The NYT crossword puzzle was created by Joel Fagliano.

This crossword game has been played by a large number of players for decades. The NYT Mini Crossword game has gained immense popularity.

NY Times Mini Crossword puzzle game answers will be uploaded daily on this site. Players who are eagerly looking for NYT mini crossword answers can check the correct clues & answers for today from below.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today Overview

Game NameNYT New York Mini Crossword
Created byRich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date1 October (1/10/2023)
Puzzle Available onnewspaper, Android/ IOS App
MonthOctober 2023
NYT Mini Crossword Official Websitewww.nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

NYT Mini Crossword today answers (October 2023)

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NYT Mini Crossword daily Puzzle 1 October 2023 answers are 100 percent correct and free to check. NYT Mini Crossword answers are added below.

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NYT Mini crossword 1 july 2023

  • Characteristic spirit:  ETHOS
  • What word becomes shorter when you add letters to it?:  SHORT
  • What is the only seven-letter word to use all five vowels and Q?:  SEQUOIA
  • Water, in French:  EAU
  • Seoul’s country: Abbr.:  KOR
  • Chicago newspaper:  TRIBUNE
  • Pieces of bacon:  STRIPS
  • Female chickens:  HENS
  • Men’s fashion magazine:  ESQUIRE
  • Day before Fri.:  THU
  • Casual flings:  HOOKUPS
  • ___ Belt (constellation):  ORIONS
  • Look intently:  STARE
  • Sections of tennis matches:  SETS
  • What is the only planet in our solar system not named for a deity?:  EARTH
  • Recycling container:  BIN

NYT Mini crossword 23 may 2023

  • Physicians, for short: MDS
  • Sound of a smoke alarm in need of batteries: CHIRP
  • Kind of eclipse: LUNAR
  • Science suffix: OLOGY
  • Gloomy _ (grumpy person): GUS
  • Mythological king who had the Labyrinth built: MINOS
  • Pull, or a puff: DRAG
  • Energetic for one’s age: SPRY
  • Plumbing problem: CLOG
  • Streaming service with a green logo: HULU

NYT Mini crossword 22 May 2023

  • Fish eggs: ROE
  • Columns’ counterparts: ROWS
  • What “Moses supposes his toeses are,” in a classic show tune: ROSES
  • Shore bird with a curved beak: IBIS
  • “All the President’s _”: MEN
  • Violin bow application: ROSIN
  • Gets a Venmo request, say: OWES
  • Suffix with host or heir: ESS
  • Post-shower wear: ROBE
  • Edge of a canyon: RIM

NYT Mini crossword 3 June 2023

  • Baby’s bed: CRIB
  • To-do around the house: CHORE
  • It shares a 1,538-mile border with Canada: ALASKA
  • Very much in love: SMITTEN
  • Tidied, as hair: COMBED
  • Ann , Mich.: ARBOR
  • Word before “in show” or “in class”: BEST
  • A.I. conversation partner: CHATBOT
  • Team listing: ROSTER
  • Annoyed: IRKED
  • The , nickname for Chicago’s Cloud Gate sculpture: BEAN
  • Mountaineer’s undertakings: CLIMBS
  • Love, in Italian: AMORE
  • Sign of a wound’s healing: SCAB

NYT Mini crossword 9 May 2023

  • Gigantic: LARGE
  • Opposite of 1-, 4- and 5-Across: TINY
  • Verbal stumbles: ERS
  • Catches on fire: BURNS
  • Rapper _ Azalea: IGGY
  • “Well, gosh!”: GEE
  • Stuff found in a bun: HAIR
  • 4G _ (smartphone network letters): LTE

NYT Mini crossword 7 May 2023

  • Nondairy milk option: OAT
  • Internet-related: CYBER
  • Agreement between a tenant and renter: LEASE
  • Resident of 123 Sesame Street: ELMO
  • Try to fly: FLAP
  • Time’s Person of the Year in 2008: OBAMA
  • Storyteller who coined “sour grapes”: AESOP
  • Uno, due, _, quattro, cinque: TRE
  • Music staff symbol: CLEF
  • Raise one’s voice: YELL