NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 1 February 2023

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 1 February 2023: NYT Mini Crossword is a popular puzzle game that will be published in the New York Times newspaper.

The NYT Mini Crossword Today Puzzle Game will also be available on New York Times news websites.

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NYT Mini Crossword is also accessible on mobile apps in Android, Apple IOS. The game was developed by Joel Fagliano.

Players who play this puzzle game can check the crossword answers from this website. New York Times Mini crossword Answers for 1st February, 2023 were given in this article.

Daily answers of NY times crossword mini for players will be published regularly here. The NYT crossword puzzle was created by Joel Fagliano.

This crossword game has been played by a large number of players for decades. The NYT Mini Crossword game has gained immense popularity.

NY Times Mini Crossword puzzle game answers will be uploaded daily on this site. Players who are eagerly looking for NYT mini crossword answers can check the correct clues & answers for today from below.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today Overview

Game NameNYT New York Mini Crossword
Created byRich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date1st February (1/2/2023)
Puzzle Available onnewspaper, Android/ IOS App
MonthFebruary 2023
NYT Mini Crossword Official Websitewww.nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

NYT Mini Crossword today answers (February 2023)

Qurdle Answers Today Hints, Clues

NYT Mini Crossword daily Puzzle 1st February 2023 answers are 100 percent correct and free to check. NYT Mini Crossword answers are added below.

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NYT Mini crossword Answers 31 January 2023

  • Like the sky on a rainy day: GRAY
  • Something a restaurant makes to order?: MENU
  • Success for a fisherman or wide receiver: CATCH
  • Casino pair: DICE
  • Villainous lion in “The Lion King”: SCAR
  • Sierra truck maker: GMC
  • Curls up with a good book: READS
  • Bit of hijinks: ANTIC
  • Plant with tough, sword-shaped leaves: YUCCA
  • _ Loss” (2022 #1 album for Drake): HER

NYT Mini crossword Answers 30 January 2023

  • Small taste of wine: SIP
  • What gives a wine tartness: ACID
  • Political contributor: DONOR
  • Wine’s aroma: NOSE
  • _ Lasso” (TV comedy): TED
  • Bummed out: SAD
  • PC pic: ICON
  • Wine grape variety: PINOT
  • Medicinal amount: DOSE
  • Wine choice: RED

NYT Mini crossword Answers 29 January 2023

  • With 4-Across, stop scrolling the internet and go outside: LOG
  • See 1-Across: OFF
  • Resident of Australia’s eucalyptus forests: KOALA
  • World’s fastest growing religion: ISLAM
  • Where a river meets the sea: DELTA
  • Opposite of tight: LOOSE
  • “First _ …”: OFALL
  • Equivalent of F#: GFLAT
  • Happy person in a candy store, per a saying: KID
  • Doctors’ org.: AMA

NYT Mini crossword Answers 28 January 2023

  • Silicon Valley industry: TECH
  • Overused saying: CLICHE
  • Common topic for small talk: WEATHER
  • Letter after jay and kay: ELL
  • Spherical shape: ORB
  • Casual alternatives to suit jackets: BLAZERS
  • Affliction: MALADY
  • Queens might dress in it: DRAG
  • _ for tat: TIT
  • Bounced back, as sound: ECHOED
  • Sundae topping: CHERRY
  • Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme: HERBS
  • Wine storage area: CELLAR
  • “I can’t he-e-ear you!”: LALALA
  • Online health info site: WEBMD
  • Turn sharply: ZAG

NYT Mini crossword Answers 27 January 2023

  • Hybrid utensil: SPORK
  • .. rotated 90°: COLON
  • Courtroom excuse: ALIBI
  • Druggy dance parties: RAVES
  • Like recently picked produce: FRESH
  • Snowman’s neckwear: SCARF
  • _ vortex (weather phenomenon): POLAR
  • Two of its branches are seen on the United Nations flag: OLIVE
  • Supreme Court coverage?: ROBES
  • Fried dumpling with a Yiddish name: KNISH

NYT Mini crossword Answers 26 January 2023

  • Capital of Norway: OSLO
  • Cheer (on): ROOT
  • Chimney grime: SOOT
  • “Hold _ your hat!”: ONTO
  • Approximately: ORSO
  • In a moment: SOON
  • Pirate’s plunder: LOOT
  • “A Man Called _” (Tom Hanks movie) : OTTO

NYT Mini crossword Answers 25 January 2023

  • Inept principal on “Abbott Elementary”: AVA
  • Part of FYI or FWIW: FOR
  • Fuzzy fruits: KIWIS
  • Alphabet that gave us the word “alphabet”: GREEK
  • Where many dogs like to be rubbed: BELLY
  • In flames, poetically: AFIRE
  • I, for one: VOWEL
  • Disney princess with red hair: ARIEL
  • Soviet spy agcy.: KGB
  • It’s way over your head: SKY

NYT Mini crossword Answers 24 January 2023

  • N.Y.C. art museum, with “The”: MET
  • Baileys _ Cream (liqueur): IRISH
  • Like a tired baby: FUSSY
  • Reddit or YouTube: SITE
  • Jet-black gemstone: ONYX
  • A little teary-eyed: MISTY
  • English county near London: ESSEX
  • “Love _ neighbor …”: THY
  • Should that be the case: IFSO
  • Completely wreck: RUIN

NYT Mini crossword Answers 23 January 2023

  • Droopy cheek: JOWL
  • Like some hopes and this: DASHED
  • Distinct thing: ENTITY
  • “You get where I’m coming from?”: FEELME
  • Shade _ (something seen twice in this puzzle): TREE
  • Singer Jackson with five Grammys: JANET
  • Emily who wrote “Expecting Better” and “Cribsheet”: OSTER
  • During: WHILE
  • “Please, I can handle it”: LETME
  • ABC sequel?: DEF
  • You might need it to make green eggs and ham: DYE

NYT Mini crossword Answers 22 January 2023

  • Animal with a long, sticky tongue: FROG
  • Most-produced crop in China: RICE
  • You can make one for an airplane, or find one on a runway: MODEL
  • Result of brainstorming: IDEA
  • Most-produced crop in the United States: CORN
  • Fictional character who travels to Mordor: FRODO
  • Motorcycle user: RIDER
  • It covers about 71% of the world’s surface: OCEAN
  • Hairstyling goop: GEL
  • Open _ night: MIC