How to Claim or Get 9X Booster in Google Pay Food Market Game Offer

Strategies for 9X Booster of Google Pay Food Market Offer The eagerly anticipated fourth round of Google Pay india-home game started on November 25 and will end on December 5, 2022.

Food Market is the name of the fourth round of the game, which can give players up to Rs 350 once win.

In this fourth installment of the indie – home food market game, Google revealed a 9x booster offer to get more levels. Unlike the last round, when Google only introduced a 2x booster.

this time we’ve got a 9x booster, which means that any number of floors you get will now be nine times higher. Promote 9X Booster received notice from GPay app.

Google Pay Food Market Game Details

Game NameGoogle Pay Food Market Game
Date25 November to 5 December 2022
RewardRs 350

How to Claim 9X Booster in Google Pay Food Market Offer?

  • Google Pay users are sending booster URLs via SMS or social media applications. Check your app or SMS inbox.
  • Chances of receiving 9x boosters increase when you open links from friends or other people. Because many users are getting 4X to 9X boosters by clicking on other people’s links, this strategy is incredibly profitable.
  • Credit Card Bill Payment and Food AR Scan are two other useful methods that users can use to earn boosters; Many players are getting up to 5X boosters this way.
  • You can visit other people’s links and comment on your own gPay links to share with other users.

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We Got 5X To 7X Boosters In My Gpay make offer

Try some other working methods in Google pay food market offer to get 5X, 6X, and 7X boosters to multiply floors

Got a 7X booster and two 5X boosters in my team. Here I will share how I got up to 9X booster in my accounts. You guys can also get sure booster in your account by following this method. I have tried this method in my accounts and I got booster in all.