Google Pay Food Market Offer (Indi-Home Game) – collect Floors & Earn Rs.350

GPay Food Market Offer 2022: Google Pay, India’s very own digital payments app announced an offer in collaboration with the country’s leading online food delivery apps.

The offer is called ‘Google Pay Food Market Offer 2022’ and it is a part of the on-going Indi-Home Games by Google Pay.

The aim of the Gpay offer is to get people to order food more frequently from these apps and in turn, help small businesses that are a part of the food supply chain.

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As an added incentive, Gpay is also giving away scratch cards worth up to Rs. 1 lakh to select users who order food using the app.

In this post, we will take a look at how you can participate in the Google Pay Food Market Offer and stand a chance to earn scratch cards worth Rs 50.

Google Pay Food Market Offer (Indi-Home Game) - collect Floors & Earn Rs.350

What is Google Pay Food Market Offer?

Google Pay is excited to launch the Food Market Offer 2022 in India! With this offer, you can earn Rs by gathering floors in the Home game.

To participate, simply open the Google Pay app and look for the “Food Market Offer” card in the Offers section.

Then, start playing the Home game and collect as many floors as possible. For every 5 floors you collect, you’ll earn 1 entry into the weekly drawing.

At the end of each week, Google will randomly select 10 winners who will each receive Rs 100. So start playing today and see if you can become one of the lucky winners!

Gpay Food Market Offer Indi-Home Game Offer 2022 details

Offer NameGpay Indi-Home Game food market offer
starting date25 November to 4 December 2022
Rewardsupto Rs 1 lakh
Available forIndian users

Google Pay Food Market Offer Rewards & Rules

Google Pay Food Market Offer is an India-wide offer that allows users to earn rewards by completing tasks in the Google Pay app.

The offer is valid from June 1st to June 30th, and users can earn a maximum of Rs 350 per task.

To participate in the offer, users must first add their Google Pay account to their Indian phone number.

They will then need to collect floor tiles by making payments with Google Pay at participating food markets.

Once they have collected enough floor tiles, they will be able to enter a lucky draw to win prizes. The prizes for the lucky draw include ₹1000, 1 lakh.

To be eligible for the grand prize, users must have completed at least one task during the offer period. Users can check their progress on the leaderboard in the Gpay app.

  • Rank 1 – 10,000, ₹350 / team
  • Rank 10,000 – 1 lakh, ₹90 / team
  • Rank 1 lakh – 8 lakh, ₹30 / team

How to claim Google Pay Food Market Offer indie home game 2022

In order to claim the Google Pay Food Market Offer, you will need to:

  • Collect enough floors in the game by completing the various tasks given.
  • Once you have gathered the required amount of floors, head over to the Google Pay app and navigate to the ‘Rewards‘ section.
  • Here, you will be able to see the list of available offers and select the ‘Google Pay Food Market Offer’ from the list.
  • Now, follow the on-scree instructions to complete your purchase using Google Pay and get assured discounts on your total bill amount!

How To Get Upto 9X Booster In Google Pay Food Market Offer

Google Pay Food Market Offer is a great way to get more out of your Google Pay account. To get started, simply open the Google Pay app and go to the “Settings” tab.

Next, scroll down to the “Offers” section and tap on the “Get Upto 9X Booster In Google Pay Food Market Offer” banner.

Once you’re in the food market offer, you’ll see a list of available offers. Simply browse through the offers and select the one that you want to participate in.

After that, follow the instructions on how to complete the offer and you’ll be able to start earning rewards!

Get Floors In Google Pay Food Market Offer

Every day, there are a few ways to obtain floors. You receive a different number of floors based on different qualifying actions:

Earn floors – Rs 30 Google Pay transactions are a minimum.

Earn 2 floors – by using Gapy, making a bank transfer, or making an online payment. Valid for two transactions per team member per day.

Scan the UPI QR code and pay to earn 2 floors.

Earn 4 floors – Valid for two transactions per team member per day. Obtain 4 levels.

Get 2 floors – Recharge your phone or pay a bill. Valid for two transactions per team member per day.

Earn 2 floors – Pay a shared expense with your buddies. every day in less than 24 hours, complete the Daily Bonus task. Each team member may only do this once each day.
Earn six floors.

Earn 6 floors –

Make two distinct Google Pay QR codes with a minimum payment of Rs 10.
Make at least 10 transitions to 2 different GPay users.

Earn 10 floors – add another UPI IDs for payments.