Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 27 January 2022 Win Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers Today Is Given Here. Submit This amazon quiz 27 January 2022 Answers and Win 5000 Pay Balance, Exciting Rewards.

Just Enter the Right Daily Amazon Quiz Answers For 27th January In Fun Zone Section. Lucky Winners Will Get prizes and Gifts.

After Submitting Answers Winners will Be select from lucky draw. Amazon Spin and Win Quiz Today is Based On GK general knowledge.

Here We Regularly Update Quiz Time Amazon Questions and Its Answers. If You are Finding Fun Zone Jackpot then this the right website.

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Amazon, the country’s Largest e-commerce company, organizes the Today’s 27 January Amazon Game zone Contest on its app, where you can give answers of Five questions correctly.

Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Today – Overview

Name Of QuizAmazon Spin and Win Quiz
Amazon Daily Quiz Time12AM – 12PM
Date27th January 2022
Reward Pay Balance
Winners DeclarationTomorrow

How To Play Amazon Quiz Time Pay Balance Contest

  1. Install the Amazon app from the Google Play Store. For Apple Download Amazon App.
  2. After Installing, Sign In Into the App.
  3. Scroll down the Amazon app And Click On “Amazon Prime Quiz”.
  4. Then tap on the “Start” button, the Funzone Quiz Contest will begin.

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Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers 27 January 2022 – Win Prizes

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Amazon Quiz 26 January 2022

Q1: Which of these conglomerates is headquartered in Boston and plans to split into three separate companies?

Answer: (A) General Electric

Q2: The Indian Air Force has recenty received two Mirage 2000 trainer version aircrafts from which country?

Answer: (B) France

Q3: The island of Vulcano, which was in news due to volcanic activity, is located in which country?

Answer: (C) Italy

Q4: Which country’s flag is this?

Answer: (D) Denmark

Q5: This is a famous structure in which country?

Answer: (C) Belgium

Amazon Quiz 25 January 2022

Q1: Former world leader F.W. de Klerk, who died Thursday at age 85, shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with which other person?

Answer: (B) Nelson Mandela

Q2: A Guinness World Record for the largest orchestra was set by which country’s National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestra “El Sistema”?

Answer: (A) Venezuela

Q3: Which word has become Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021?

Answer: (C) NFT

Q4: In which city would you find this clock?

Answer: (D) Kolkata

Q5: This tower exists in which mediterranean city?

Answer: (C) Istanbul

Amazon Quiz 24 January 2022

Q1: In November 2021 more than 500 people in Egypt were attacked by which creatures during a period of heavy rain and flooding?

Answer: (C) Scorpions

Q2: The Kangxiwar Martyrs’ Cemetery is the highest cemetery located in which country?

Answer: (B) China

Q3: Which driver won the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix 2021?

Answer: (D) Lewis Hamilton

Q4: This is a sculpture made by which famous artist?

Answer: (B) Pablo Picasso

Q5: A shoe company that shares its name with this animal, was founded in which country?

Answer: (D) Germany

Amazon Quiz 23 January 2022

Q1: In December 2021, several people were injured in an explosion caused by a WWII bomb near a busy train station in which German city?

Answer: Munich

Q2: The Israeli parliament has voted in favour of a bill that would limit the service of a Prime Minister to a maximum of how many years?

Answer: 8

Q3: A mayor in Philippines fired what out of a gold plated toy gun onto a crowd?

Answer: Cash

Q4: Who commissioned this famous Roman building?

Answer: Marcus Agrippa

Q5: This heritage site was built by which South Indian dynasty?

Answer: Pallava

Amazon Quiz 22 January 2022

Q1: A magnitude 7.5 earthquake recently hit which country, about 25 miles northwest of the coastal city of Barranca?

Answer: (D) Peru

Q2: Where did the Sagar Shakti Exercise recently take place to test combat readiness?

Answer: (A) Kutch

Q3: NASA’s Hubble space telescope has recently captured an image of which massive stellar nursery, also known as Gum 56?

Answer: (C) Prawn Nebula

Q4: This breed of dog originated in which continent?

Answer: (B) Europe

Q5: This is the flag of which country

Answer: (C) Singapore

Amazon Quiz Answers 21 Janaury

Q1: An Airbnb listing went live recently to rent the original Illinois house featured in which popular Christmas movie?

Answer: (A) Home Alone

Q2: Who won his second Nitto ATP Finals in 2021?

Answer: (B) Alexander Zverev

Q3: Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadav, whose birth centenary was celebrated in 2021, was a political leader in which state?

Answer: (A) Uttar Pradesh

Q4: This is a road in which famous city?

Answer: (A) Dubai

Q5: This is a memorial to a president of which country?

Answer: (C) USA

Amazon Quiz 20 January 2022

Q1: Which Nobel Peace Prize winner was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of inciting dissent and breaching COVID restrictions?

Answer: (B) Aung San Suu Kyi

Q2: Patalpani railway station was renamed after Tantya Mama, a tribal freedom fighter from which state?

Answer: (D) Madhya Pradesh

Q3: Name the fourth Scorpene-class submarine, commissioned into the Indian Navy.

Answer: (C) INS Vela

Q4: Which country hosted the World Championship in this sport in 2021?

Answer: (A) Norway

Q5: In which country is this mosque located?

Answer: (C) UAE

Amazon Funzone Contest Winner Announcement

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What Is The Amazon Quiz Contest?

It Is Daily Quiz Organize By Amazon India Ltd. In which five Questions asked. Participant who gives Correct Answers Will Win Prizes.

How To Get Amazon Daily Quiz Answers?

Just Visit Our Site Regularly. We Update Here Right Answers Of All Questions Everyday.

How does the winner of Amazon Quiz get the prize?

The winner of Amazon Quiz gets the price by lucky draw. All the people who answer the questions correctly are included in a lucky draw, out of which one gets the price.