Amazon Quiz: In which Indian union territory was the radio programme ”Awaam Ki Baat” recently launched?

In which Indian union territory was the radio programme ”Awaam Ki Baat” recently launched? Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1: In which Indian union territory was the radio programme ‘’Awaam Ki Baat’’ recently launched?

Answer 1: Jammu & Kashmir

Q2 : Which of these organisations is responsible for releasing the ‘All India Consumer Price Index’?

Answer 2: National Statistical Office

Q3: Which South American country recently issued banknotes of denominations as large as 1 million bolivars?

Answer 3: Venezuela

Q4: This country’s flag, also called the l’Unifolié, has what in the center?

Answer 4: Maple Leaf

Q5: In which Italian city does this not exist, replaced with only canals instead?

Answer 5: Venice

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